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Financial Poise™ Announces “LEGAL ISSUES FOR INNOVATORS & INVENTORS,” Episode #4 of the Webinar Series “INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY 201 2016,” Airing December 16, 11am CST

In today’s economic environment, intellectual property (IP) rights have become increasingly important assets for both individual and corporate entities. More and more, both are recognizing the economic importance of IP rights–whether those rights consist of a single patent–or whether they consist of an entire portfolio also including trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets.

This information-packed Financial Poise™ Webinar series focuses on the intricacies of IP rights as they relate to the specific areas of brand protection, IP transactions, internet marketing, and other IP issues that are critical when representing innovators and inventors. Join leading attorneys, as they discuss—in plain English for the non-expert—some specific IP challenges that individuals, businesses, and those who represent them are likely to face.

As with all Financial Poise webinars, each episode in the series is designed to be viewed independently of the other episodes, and listeners will enhance their knowledge of this area whether they attend one, some, or all of the programs.

Episode #4 of the IP 201 2016 series is “Legal Issues for Innovators & Inventors.” (Register Here) It airs on December 16th at 11:00 am CST. Moderator William C. Spence of Spence PC will be joined by Eric Curtin of Crawford Maunu, Peter Feinberg of Hoge Fenton, and Gary Sorden of Klemchuk LLP.

Effective legal representation of innovators and inventors requires careful thought and consideration. Among other things, care must be taken to properly initiate communications, prepare assignments, and handle subsequent legal disputes. This webinar discusses common legal issues that often arise during the representation of innovators and inventors. It also includes valuable advice from both innovators/inventors and the IP attorneys who represent them.