Patent Office Counsel

Unlike most law firms, we offer litigation-focused patent and trademark prosecution. Our prosecution attorneys work alongside our trial attorneys. This enables us to incorporate the lessons we learn in the courtroom into the strategies we employ to procure the highest-quality IP rights for our clients.

We also believe petitioners and patent owners are most effectively represented in post-grant proceedings, such as IPRs*, by trial lawyers who not only have a command of the technology at issue, but who can tailor their factual and legal arguments to specialized administrative patent judges. As a premier IP law firm, SpencePC has USPTO-registered attorneys available to serve as your lead post-grant counsel.

*An inter partes review (“IPR”) is a relatively new proceeding that allows any interested party to challenge the validity of an issued patent before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board of the U.S. Patent Office. IPR is more akin to litigation than patent prosecution. Even though IPRs occur within the U.S. Patent Office before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board, they involve motion practice, written discovery, depositions and a live adversarial hearing on the merits.