Our attorneys are dedicated to negotiating, structuring, and closing complex transactions driven by innovation or technological opportunities, including joint ventures, strategic alliances, licenses, outsourcing, collaborations, and other strategic commercial agreements. We see business arrangements from all perspectives and fully understand the diverse needs of all parties to a particular transaction.

Our attorneys are business-savvy negotiators, many with industry experience, with an interest in our clients’ technologies and markets and closing deals with our clients’ business partners. We fulfill clients’ business goals through practical and innovative approaches that include the client’s perspective throughout the process. We use our experience in structuring and negotiating by drafting various types of agreements to help clients achieve their licensing goals while identifying and mitigating associated risks. Our attorneys have relevant experience in a wide range of technologies, including wireless communication and networks, robotics and artificial intelligence, information technology, medical devices, software and semiconductor technologies.

Software & IT Outsourcing Agreements

We negotiate software agreements for clients, ranging from individuals, small start-ups to large corporations. Our work includes assisting our clients with building internal compliance programs, which help avoid future software concerns, such as open source and cybersecurity.

Additionally, we handle information technology (IT) outsourcing transactions, data and call center arrangements, and cloud computing, and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) agreements, including Application Service Provider (ASP) agreements, hosting agreements, third-party agreements and outsourcing arrangements. We examine, analyze, draft and negotiate each agreement thoroughly, working to ensure our clients are protected from challenges ranging from reputational damage to loss of business, to avoid or mitigate risks from cloud-based and open source technologies.

Some representative matters include:

  • Represented Fortune 500 media company in its outsourcing of various critical IT functions.
  • Assisted major retail property REIT in its outsourcing of data center, data network, disaster recovery and distributed computing IT functions.


Our attorneys are skilled in settlement negotiations, ensuring our clients’ rights and interests are protected in matters concerning all forms of intellectual property, whether in responding to demand letters, approaching companies to license IP or settling litigations and claims. With our legal and industry experience, we partner with our clients to ensure they maximize their desired goals with a coherent and forceful strategy formed at the outset.